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Bill Magill

Bill Magill

Bill Magill

Venture Capitalist

Bill Magill (M.B.A, ’89), is a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. He’s also been a dishwasher, musician, engineer, consultant, and investment banker. He has lived in Europe and across the U.S., but the diversity of San Francisco always brings him back home to his favorite city.

Bill received his MBA from SF State in 1989, adding to a bachelor in economics and an associate degree in lasers and optics. For the past eight years, Bill has been a managing director at TeleSoft Partners, where he focuses on investments in energy, communications and materials.

Previously, he was a research analyst at Banc of America Securities, and a communications analyst with ElectroniCast and later RHK. He began his career working on lasers at TRW and Livermore National Labs.

According to Bill, “The concept of a 'career path' is becoming increasingly less defined and outdated. In the fast-paced world of start-ups, everyone wears multiple hats: engineers do sales, finance melds with operations, and so on. And a venture investor must understand all of these roles. Diversity makes the job exciting and keeps everyone engaged. I believe the SF State business program is extremely well suited to this trend, with its proximity to emerging companies and industries in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and its broad range of disciplines and highly accomplished faculty.”

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