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Eric Kelly

Eric Kelly

Eric Kelly

President, CEO, Overland Storage, Inc.

Update: Eric Kelly has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Overland Storage, Inc., since January 2009, and as a board member since 2007. His most recent corporate position was vice president and general manager of storage systems solutions at Adaptec, Inc. Prior to that, he served as president and CEO of Snap Appliance, which was acquired by Adaptec. Below is Eric's alumni profile from spring 2006:

Eric Kelly (M.B.A., ’82) spun off Snap Appliance ™ from Quantum in 2003, and stayed in charge 18 months later as Snap joined Adaptec to claim channel leadership as providers of external data storage to 90 per cent of Fortune 500 companies.

Snap Appliance™ is a leading global provider of network storage systems for the distributed enterprise, and first in the industry in network attached storage unit volume with a 45% share of the NAS market.

Kelly remembers his MBA education at San Francisco State University as a great mix of the theoretical and the practical. He put what he learned to use as a leader in sales, marketing, and operations as president of Maxtor Corporation’s Network Systems Group, COO at iSyndicate Corp., and vice president of the Enterprise Group at Dell Computer Corp., where he managed a billion-dollar business.

Kelly also makes time to raise funds for the NAACP and participate in the annual LA College Black Expo, informing thousands of inner city youth about college, careers, choice, and opportunity.

When asked what single piece of advice he would give to current MBA students, his message is one he learned on campus more than 20 years ago—“Always be a student of your own profession. Once you believe you know everything, it’s time to retire. And make sure you have integrity. Everyone is smart. Everyone is ambitious. Integrity is what separates.”

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