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Welcome to the Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business

Where Responsibility Meets Opportunity

For more than 60 years, the College of Business (CoB) at San Francisco State University has served as a regional catalyst for educating and inspiring future business leaders.

As part of the University's longstanding commitment to equity and social justice, the CoB has created a regional Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business to leverage the growing momentum among businesses to implement socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

Our tagline, Where Responsibility Meets Opportunity, reflects our mission to promote positive social change by leveraging the dynamic energy of private enterprise.

The center, located at the University's downtown San Francisco campus, serves as an innovative hub for social and environmental research, teaching and outreach to the Bay Area business community. 


With more than 80 percent of all SF State graduates pursuing careers with local companies, nonprofit organizations and government agencies, the College of Business has recognized a unique opportunity for graduates to become successful "intrepreneurs": Effective change agents who will guide and transform organizations on the path to global sustainability.


Recognized by The Aspen Institute as one of the world's top business schools to integrate social and environmental issues into its curriculum and research, SF State was the first California State University campus to offer a MBA emphasis in sustainability management. The CoB is building on this long-standing success through the Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business, meeting the needs of the Bay Area business community, SF State stakeholders and society at large.

The Center for Ethical and Sustainable Business at SF State:

  • Builds long-term partnerships with local organizations to support managerial and executive-level training and development.
  • Identifies and communicates best practices, supporting the development of industry-specific sustainability strategies and programs.
  • Integrates undergraduate and graduate student academic experience through hands-on engagement, internships and career opportunities with Bay Area businesses and other organizations.
  • Conducts and publishes applied research using regional business data gathered through focus groups, interviews and surveys.

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