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Giving to WGS

Annual Fundraising Campaign!

Greetings from Women and Gender Studies at San Francisco State University! As the Spring semester winds down, we are happy to share some news from WGS with you – please click here:  https://sites.sfsu.edu/wgsdept/events for updates on our department. We are growing and thriving, even in difficult times.

While we have much to celebrate in the Women and Gender Studies Department––our growing faculty and increasing numbers of WGS majors and minors; our amazing and inspiring students; the variety of terrific campus events that we co-sponsor; and the range of wonderful community organizations with which we work––we are also fighting hard to make sure our department survives the ongoing budget crunch in California. We need your help!  As the State of California wrestles with budget shortfalls and attacks on higher education become increasingly frequent in politics and the mass media, the need to support the Women and Gender Studies Department is more urgent than ever. To protect our department we have developed a General Foundation Account and we seek your support to maintain it. Your contribution will help sustain Women and Gender Studies:
  • $25 supplies refreshments for a WGS alumni event
  • $75 buys a new Introduction to Women and Gender Studies textbook for our department library
  • $100 co-sponsors a speaker on campus
  • $350 underwrites our annual Commencement celebration
  • $1,000 sponsors a graduate student to present their research at a national conference
Your donation to Women and Gender Studies is tax deductable!  We welcome support in any amount – every dollar really does count. All donations receive an original WGS thank you card.
  • If you are able to donate $25 or more, we will also send you the most recent edition of the WGS senior publication.
  • For donations of $100 and higher, you can receive 1-3 autographed books written by WGS faculty.
Donating to WGS at SFSU also makes a fantastic feminist holiday gift. We are happy to send the thank you gift to your friends for any gifts made in their honor. Please see the attached sheet for information on how to donate. 
Regardless of whether you are able to make a donation at this time, please let us know how you are doing!  We would love to hear from you, either by email, mail, or on Facebook. You are all part of the community of Women and Gender Studies at San Francisco State University––we look forward to hearing from you!
Gifts can be made:

Online with the SFSU online Donation Form by selecting Women and Gender Studies Department as your Area of Giving

or by

Postal Mail with the SFSU Giving Form http://www.sfsu.edu/~develop/MailingForm.htm 
Please specify that your gift should be directed to the Women and Gender Studies Department and send it to:

University Corporation
San Francisco State University
P.O. Box 320160
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132

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